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AdamsLaura  -  Bus Aide 330-689-5234
[Email] for Laura Adams [Profile] for Laura Adams
AllardElaine  -  Café Manager 330-689-5288
[Email] for Elaine Allard [Profile] for Elaine Allard
AllenLeah  -  Teacher - Foreign Language 330-689-5288
[Email] for Leah Allen [Profile] for Leah Allen
AngelyBobbi  -  Guidance Counselor 330-689-5288
[Email] for Bobbi Angely [Profile] for Bobbi Angely
ApplequistKatie  -  Student Teacher 330-689-5288
[Email] for Katie Applequist [Profile] for Katie Applequist
BartekJill  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5288
[Email] for Jill Bartek [Profile] for Jill Bartek
BattonBenjamin  -  Assistant Coach - Lacrosse 330-689-5288
[Email] for Benjamin Batton [Profile] for Benjamin Batton
BehalSarah  -  Teacher - Music 330-689-5300
[Email] for Sarah Behal [Profile] for Sarah Behal
BenyoJulia  -  Guidance Counselor 330-689-5288
[Email] for Julia Benyo [Profile] for Julia Benyo
BileyJacob  -  Custodian 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jacob Biley [Profile] for Jacob Biley
BlackCurtis  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Curtis Black [Profile] for Curtis Black
BoskoEleanor  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5288
[Email] for Eleanor Bosko [Profile] for Eleanor Bosko
BrautigamLori  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5288
[Email] for Lori Brautigam [Profile] for Lori Brautigam
BriggerAmmie  -  Building Floater Sub 330-689-5288
[Email] for Ammie Brigger [Profile] for Ammie Brigger
BroadhurstDana  -  Teacher - Spanish 330-689-5288
[Email] for Dana Broadhurst [Profile] for Dana Broadhurst
BroadhurstKatelyn  -  Cook 330-689-5288
[Email] for Katelyn Broadhurst [Profile] for Katelyn Broadhurst
BukoskyKerry  -  Long Term-Sub Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288
[Email] for Kerry Bukosky [Profile] for Kerry Bukosky
CampagnaNicholas  -  Teacher - Music 330-689-5300
[Email] for Nicholas Campagna [Profile] for Nicholas Campagna
CavalloSheree  -  Custodian 330-689-5288
[Email] for Sheree Cavallo [Profile] for Sheree Cavallo
ChaconNolan  -  Custodian 330-689-5300
[Email] for Nolan Chacon [Profile] for Nolan Chacon
ChapmanJennifer  -  Cook 330-689-5288
[Email] for Jennifer Chapman [Profile] for Jennifer Chapman
CicioneAnthony  -  Coach - Football 330-689-5288
[Email] for Anthony Cicione [Profile] for Anthony Cicione
ClunkJacqueline  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5320
[Email] for Jacqueline Clunk [Profile] for Jacqueline Clunk
CochranHeather  -  Teacher - Spanish 330-689-5288
[Email] for Heather Cochran [Profile] for Heather Cochran
CollierCorwyn  -  Coach Track 330-689-5288
[Email] for Corwyn Collier [Profile] for Corwyn Collier
CudworthSusan  -  Teacher - Career Tech 330-689-5288
[Email] for Susan Cudworth [Profile] for Susan Cudworth
DanielsEric  -  Tutor - Title 1 330-689-5288
[Email] for Eric Daniels [Profile] for Eric Daniels
DeitrickSteven  -  Assistant Principal 330-689-5288
[Email] for Steven Deitrick [Profile] for Steven Deitrick
DentonChristopher  -  Monitor - Study Hall 330-689-5450
[Email] for Christopher Denton [Profile] for Christopher Denton
DicksonShawn  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288
[Email] for Shawn Dickson [Profile] for Shawn Dickson
DoddsMelissa  -  Teacher - Math 330-689-5288
[Email] for Melissa Dodds [Profile] for Melissa Dodds
DonatelliAmanda  -  Cook 330-689-5288
[Email] for Amanda Donatelli [Profile] for Amanda Donatelli
DortonJerold  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5288
[Email] for Jerold Dorton [Profile] for Jerold Dorton
DueckerSara (Silvia)  -  Secretary - Guidance 330-689-5288
[Email] for Sara (Silvia) Duecker [Profile] for Sara (Silvia) Duecker
EckartMichael  -  Teacher - Math Gifted 330-689-5288
[Email] for Michael Eckart [Profile] for Michael Eckart
FeldmanChet  -  Teacher - Health 330-689-5288
[Email] for Chet Feldman [Profile] for Chet Feldman
FosterLinda  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288
[Email] for Linda Foster [Profile] for Linda Foster
FultonJennifer  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5288
[Email] for Jennifer Fulton [Profile] for Jennifer Fulton
GalperinChristine  -  Building Floater Sub 330-689-5288
[Email] for Christine Galperin [Profile] for Christine Galperin
GarstJill  -  Nutrition Services Supervisor 330-689-5300
[Email] for Jill Garst [Profile] for Jill Garst
GeloneseTheresa  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Theresa Gelonese [Profile] for Theresa Gelonese
GravierMargaret  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288
[Email] for Margaret Gravier [Profile] for Margaret Gravier
GroomPamela  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5288
[Email] for Pamela Groom [Profile] for Pamela Groom
HaleAlexandra  -  Occupational Therapist 330-689-5288
[Email] for Alexandra Hale [Profile] for Alexandra Hale
HarrisNatalie  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5288
[Email] for Natalie Harris [Profile] for Natalie Harris
HawkinsBrandon  -  Building Floater Sub 330-689-5288
[Email] for Brandon Hawkins [Profile] for Brandon Hawkins
HawleySteven  -  Custodian 330-689-5300
[Email] for Steven Hawley [Profile] for Steven Hawley
HaynamLeslie  -  Teacher - Media Specialist 330-689-5288
[Email] for Leslie Haynam [Profile] for Leslie Haynam
HebebrandAlaina  -  Long Term Substitute 330-689-5288
[Email] for Alaina Hebebrand [Profile] for Alaina Hebebrand
HerbertDouglas  -  Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Douglas Herbert [Profile] for Douglas Herbert
HillmanDena  -  Custodian 330-689-5288
[Email] for Dena Hillman [Profile] for Dena Hillman
HorrocksTammy  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5288
[Email] for Tammy Horrocks [Profile] for Tammy Horrocks
HydeckKaren  -  Aide - Study Hall 330-689-5288
[Email] for Karen Hydeck [Profile] for Karen Hydeck
JacobsonRyan  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288
[Email] for Ryan Jacobson [Profile] for Ryan Jacobson
JarvisJeffrey  -  Teacher - Math 330-689-5288
[Email] for Jeffrey Jarvis [Profile] for Jeffrey Jarvis
JimenezMike  -  Teacher - Art 330-689-5288
[Email] for Mike Jimenez [Profile] for Mike Jimenez
JozsaKendra  -  Teacher - Language Arts 330-689-5288
[Email] for Kendra Jozsa [Profile] for Kendra Jozsa
JupicEnisa  -  Custodian 330-689-5288
[Email] for Enisa Jupic [Profile] for Enisa Jupic
KamererAmi  -  Teacher - Art 330-689-5288
[Email] for Ami Kamerer [Profile] for Ami Kamerer
KaneAmy  -  Teacher - Language Arts 330-689-5288
[Email] for Amy Kane [Profile] for Amy Kane
KeithleyTina  -  Teacher - Physical Education 330-689-5288
[Email] for Tina Keithley [Profile] for Tina Keithley
KeyRhonda  -  Bus Driver/Aide - Noontime 330-689-5288
[Email] for Rhonda Key [Profile] for Rhonda Key
KittelVeronica  -  Speech Language Pathologist 330-689-5288
[Email] for Veronica Kittel [Profile] for Veronica Kittel
LadnerJeffery  -  Teacher - Language Arts 330-689-5288
[Email] for Jeffery Ladner [Profile] for Jeffery Ladner
LaserAlison  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288
[Email] for Alison Laser [Profile] for Alison Laser
LeseureJames  -  Track Coach 330-689-5300
[Email] for James Leseure [Profile] for James Leseure
LindseyJohn  -  Building Floater Sub 330-689-5288
[Email] for John Lindsey [Profile] for John Lindsey
LivingstonBreAnna  -  School Psychologist 330-689-5288
[Email] for BreAnna Livingston [Profile] for BreAnna Livingston
LongKurt  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288
[Email] for Kurt Long [Profile] for Kurt Long
Looft-GardunoAnnie  -  Tutor - Title 1 330-689-5250
[Email] for Annie Looft-Garduno [Profile] for Annie Looft-Garduno
LoveMichael  -  Principal 330-689-5288
[Email] for Michael Love [Profile] for Michael Love
MackeyShyanne  -  Tutor - ELA 330-689-5288
[Email] for Shyanne Mackey [Profile] for Shyanne Mackey
MannWendy  -  ESL Tutor 330-689-5250
[Email] for Wendy Mann [Profile] for Wendy Mann
MateVictoria  -  Cook 330-689-5300
[Email] for Victoria Mate [Profile] for Victoria Mate
McCoyNichole  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Nichole McCoy [Profile] for Nichole McCoy
MekealMichael  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5288
[Email] for Michael Mekeal [Profile] for Michael Mekeal
MorrowTami  -  Aide - Noontime 330-689-5288
[Email] for Tami Morrow [Profile] for Tami Morrow
NeffKimberly  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288
[Email] for Kimberly Neff [Profile] for Kimberly Neff
NewmanGreg  -  Teacher - Music 330-689-5300
[Email] for Greg Newman [Profile] for Greg Newman
NicolKylie  -  Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288
[Email] for Kylie Nicol [Profile] for Kylie Nicol
NoviskiSarah  -  Speech Language Pathologist 330-689-5300
[Email] for Sarah Noviski [Profile] for Sarah Noviski
PetrovicJessica  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288
[Email] for Jessica Petrovic [Profile] for Jessica Petrovic
PowersNathaniel  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5288
[Email] for Nathaniel Powers [Profile] for Nathaniel Powers
ReedJason  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5288
[Email] for Jason Reed [Profile] for Jason Reed
ReeseDaniel  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5288
[Email] for Daniel Reese [Profile] for Daniel Reese
ReyesJohn  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288
[Email] for John Reyes [Profile] for John Reyes
RogersDavid  -  Teacher - Language Arts 330-689-5288
[Email] for David Rogers [Profile] for David Rogers
RossHeather  -  Tutor - EL 330-689-5288
[Email] for Heather Ross [Profile] for Heather Ross
RossmanCynthia  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5300
[Email] for Cynthia Rossman [Profile] for Cynthia Rossman
SabatiniJason  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5288
[Email] for Jason Sabatini [Profile] for Jason Sabatini
SalwanJoseph  -  Coach - Cross Country 330-689-5288
[Email] for Joseph Salwan [Profile] for Joseph Salwan
SandmanSandra  -  Teacher - Music 330-689-5300
[Email] for Sandra Sandman [Profile] for Sandra Sandman
SaylorFred  -  Teacher - Math 330-689-5288
[Email] for Fred Saylor [Profile] for Fred Saylor
SchmidtMichelle  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5288
[Email] for Michelle Schmidt [Profile] for Michelle Schmidt
SchrengauerCheryl  -  Cook 330-689-5288
[Email] for Cheryl Schrengauer [Profile] for Cheryl Schrengauer
ScottBrant  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288
[Email] for Brant Scott [Profile] for Brant Scott
ShanholtzerMatthew  -  Teacher - Physical Education 330-689-5288
[Email] for Matthew Shanholtzer [Profile] for Matthew Shanholtzer
ShannonLeslie  -  Teacher - Social Studies 330-689-5288
[Email] for Leslie Shannon [Profile] for Leslie Shannon
ShannonSteve  -  Teacher - Math 330-689-5288
[Email] for Steve Shannon [Profile] for Steve Shannon
SitkoCynthia  -  Long-Term Sub 330-689-5288
[Email] for Cynthia Sitko [Profile] for Cynthia Sitko
Smith-WesbyDeTrell  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5288
[Email] for DeTrell Smith-Wesby [Profile] for DeTrell Smith-Wesby
StanekRebecca  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5288
[Email] for Rebecca Stanek [Profile] for Rebecca Stanek
StitzleinMarc  -  Custodian 330-689-5288
[Email] for Marc Stitzlein [Profile] for Marc Stitzlein
StomRenee  -  Cook 330-689-5288
[Email] for Renee Stom [Profile] for Renee Stom
StoneKaren  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5288
[Email] for Karen Stone [Profile] for Karen Stone
Stone-PhillipsSally  -  Aide - Educational 330-689-5320
[Email] for Sally Stone-Phillips [Profile] for Sally Stone-Phillips
TernentDavid  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5288
[Email] for David Ternent [Profile] for David Ternent
ThayerChristina  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5288
[Email] for Christina Thayer [Profile] for Christina Thayer
TichnellMeghann  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5288
[Email] for Meghann Tichnell [Profile] for Meghann Tichnell
UrsicKaren  -  Aide - SPED 330-689-5288
[Email] for Karen Ursic [Profile] for Karen Ursic
VanOrmanHeather  -  Teacher - Science 330-689-5288
[Email] for Heather VanOrman [Profile] for Heather VanOrman
VarnerLuke  -  Building Floater Sub 330-689-5288
[Email] for Luke Varner [Profile] for Luke Varner
WatsonAmy  -  Aide - Educational 330-689-5288
[Email] for Amy Watson [Profile] for Amy Watson
WeaverSandra  -  Secretary - Principal 330-689-5288
[Email] for Sandra Weaver [Profile] for Sandra Weaver
WestonAlicia  -  Psychologist 330-689-5470
[Email] for Alicia Weston [Profile] for Alicia Weston
WhismanDenise  -  Bus Driver/Cook 330-689-5234
[Email] for Denise Whisman [Profile] for Denise Whisman
WilliamsJillian  -  Teacher - Math 330-689-5288
[Email] for Jillian Williams [Profile] for Jillian Williams
WynnJoshua  -  Teacher - Intervention Specialist 330-689-5288
[Email] for Joshua Wynn [Profile] for Joshua Wynn
ZapponeTracy  -  Teacher - English 330-689-5288
[Email] for Tracy Zappone [Profile] for Tracy Zappone
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