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Gifted Resources

The Ohio Association for Gifted Children

OACG's mission is to To promote and support the development of gifted students through dissemination of information, advocacy on their behalf, encouragement of affiliate organizations, and to promote research and education for gifted children.


William and Mary: Center for Gifted Education

The Center for Gifted Education (CFGE) is a research and development center providing services to educators, policy makers, graduate students, researchers, and parents in support of the needs of gifted and talented individuals.


Davidson Institute Gifted Database

The Davidson Gifted Database is your gateway to resources for and about gifted students. This database features easy search capabilities for articles, resources and state policy pages to help students, parents and educators pinpoint gifted information.


GT World

GT World is an on-line support community for parents of Gifted and Talented children...we strive to provide a warm, comfortable, yet challenging environment in which to explore intellectual giftedness and the issues which surround it. These include parenting and advocating for our children, teaching them how to advocate for themselves, the experience of growing up gifted, obtaining an appropriate education, helping gifted kids with learning disabilities, and the wide range of other issues which tend to be flavored strongly by the our children's "difference". To this end, we provide a number of ways for community members to get together.


Hoagies Gifted Education

A comprehensive resource guide for education of gifted children. It's full of great information, with links to the most complete, easiest to use, resources on nearly every aspect of gifted education available on the Internet, plus lots of annotations and first hand information provided by parents facing the same challenges that you are facing..."


Dr. Sylvia Rimm

Dr. Sylvia Rimm has gained a national following by her practical and commonsense advice. She directs Family Achievement Clinic at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio, and is a clinical professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Families come from all over the United States for help. Dr. Rimm speaks and publishes nationally on family and school approaches to guiding children toward achievement.


National Association for Gifted Children 

NAGC staff and leaders support and develop policies and practices that encourage and respond to the diverse expressions of gifts and talents in children and youth from all cultures, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic groups. NAGC supports and engages in research and development, staff development, advocacy, communication, and collaboration with other organizations and agencies who strive to improve the quality of education for all students.