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Grades 7-12

Vision for 7-12 Teaching and Learning

The vision of the 7-12 Teaching and Learning Department is to provide a well-rounded educational experience for all our students. Units of instruction for each course are aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards set forth by the Department of Education and Workforce. Daily lessons and interactions aim to be student-centered and focused on the growth and achievement of every child. Curriculum is designed to equip students to acquire knowledge and give them opportunities to apply that learning in authentic ways. At the culmination of the 7-12 educational experience, we want our students to personify the attributes of our Portrait of a Bulldog. Our graduates will become resilient, compassionate citizens that act with integrity. Our graduates will have developed the ability to solve problems, think creatively, communicate effectively, and collaborate in a respectful way. 

We monitor a variety of data consistently throughout the year to evaluate the level of achievement and growth of our students both academically and socially-emotionally. We strive to make connections with each of our students in some way through sports, clubs, classes and events. We encourage our parents to stay connected as well during these middle and high school years of school. We welcome questions and value the families partnership in helping students succeed no matter the next stage that comes after graduation.

7-12 Course of Studies

High School Course of Studies




Data Review and Monitoring Student Progress

Stow-Munroe Falls Schools currently use Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests 3 times a year to monitor student growth in the areas of math (grades 7-8), Algebra 1 (grades 8-9), Geometry (grades 9-10), Algebra 2(grades 10-11), science (grade 7), and Reading (grades 7-11). Students who are taking honors or AP courses in their 11th grade year do not take the MAP tests. Teams of teachers review the data when testing is complete to evaluate the growth data by class and individual students. The Student Progress report goes home within 10 days after the testing window is complete. For more information regarding NWEA MAP testing please visit The Family Toolkit. For specific questions you can contact your child’s principal or Julie Miller at


2023-2024 MAP Testing Windows for 7-12

Fall Window September 11-September 22, 2023

Winter Window January 22- February 2, 2024

Spring Window MAy 6- May 17, 2024

Ohio State Testing

Currently students in grades 7-12 take various Ohio State Tests. Please refer to the chart below which details the grade level and typical test given. A passing score on an Ohio State Test is 700. Please see the Department of Education and Workforce testing site for more information. 


Ohio State Test

Grade 7

Math 7, English Language Arts 7

Grade 8

Math 8 or Algebra 1, English Language Arts 8

Grade 9

Biology (if taking Biology in 9th grade), American History, Algebra 1 or Geometry

Grade 10

Biology (if taking Biology in 10th grade), Geometry (if taking Geometry), English Language Arts

Grade 11

American Government


Students who do not earn a passing or competency score are given the opportunity to retest each year.