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We are so excited to announce our new Summer Meal Program for FREE MEALS all summer for ALL Stow-Munroe Falls Students! We are thrilled to be partnering with a Twinsburg company, On-Call Meal Solutions, to offer these delicious and nutritious meals to our community-- DELIVERED RIGHT TO YOUR DOORSTEP!
**Please note: this program is for ALL students - not just those who qualify for free/reduced meals in school, so please take a moment to sign up today!**

You have most likely seen the “home meal” concept evolving over the past few years where companies send a box of meals for your family to create each week. That is precisely the same concept for our SMF Summer Meal Program!  Each child (18 years old and younger) in your home qualifies to receive a weekly meal kit with 7 days of breakfasts and lunches! They do not have to be SMF students, any child 18 years old and younger in your household can receive the meal kits, [i.e. children not of school age, recent graduates, students enrolled in other schools like Holy Family, Walsh CVCA, or Hoban]. 


Your children will love the meals and you will love the convenience, quality, and value of the summer meal delivery program! Tell your friends and family about this unique summer meal program and help us spread the word!  


How do I order: 


  • Please complete this form and indicate how many meal kits you would like delivered for your child/children. 


  • You only need to fill this out 1 time to have the meal delivery service all summer long. You can cancel anytime by contacting On-Call Meal Solutions or Allison Daugherty, Nutrition Services Supervisor. 


  • Deadline to submit your order form is June 18th.  We will send our first list of orders for meals to On-Call Meal Solutions Friday, June 18. 


  • If you do not submit your order by June 18th, you can still sign up, but your first order may/will be delayed. We will be continually sending orders to On-Call Meal Solutions up to July 1st. After July 1st, please contact On-Call Meal Solutions to be added to the list; tell them that you are part of the Stow Munroe Falls School District program. 


Who can I order for:


  •  All children/young adults ages 0-18 years old qualify for the meal delivery program. 


  • They do not need to be a student of Stow Munroe Falls School District or a resident of Stow or Munroe Falls to participate. Students from other school districts can place an order for delivery (Summit County only).


  • You do not have to have qualified for free or reduced price meals in school to get meals delivered to your household. There is no application for the summer meals.


  • Children who are not in school yet or recent graduates in your home qualify for meals. 


  • You can increase or decrease the number of meal kits you order now by contacting our Nutrition Services Department or On-Call Meal Solutions. [For example, if you have visitors temporarily with eligible-aged children coming to your house or babysitting a child for a week, you request additional meal kits to be delivered.]


What can I expect once I complete this order form:


  • You will get a confirmation email that your order form was completed correctly and received by SMFCSD Nutrition Services Department.


  • You will be notified when to expect your first delivery.


  • You will receive one shipment each week for 9 weeks beginning the week of June 21st (tentatively) and ending the week of August 9. 


  • Your delivery day will be the same day each week. The day of the week that you get your first delivery will be the day of the week that your meal kits will be delivered. 


What is in the meal kits:


  • Every week, you will receive one meal kit containing 7 breakfasts and 7 lunches.


  • There is a different menu each week for three weeks, then the menu weeks repeat. 


  • A complete breakfast and lunch is included for each day of the week containing one breakfast and one lunch entrée with fruits and vegetables, juice and milk for each day.  Frozen, refrigerated and shelf stable foods are all included in the box.


  • The package is a temperature controlled box and will be delivered by FedEx to your home.  


  • To make changes to your order, cancel your order, need to skip a week, have an issue with ordering or delivery, or receive a damaged meal kit please contact the On-Call Meal Solutions at 216-580-4800. If you receive a damaged meal kit, On-Call Meal Solutions will deliver a new box the next day from your call.


Contact information:



  • Nutrition Services Administrative Assistant: Jill Garst 330-689-5241 or email .


  • On-Call Meal Solutions: (216) 409-8161 or 216-580-4800


  • **Please be aware that Stow Munroe Falls Schools' Nutrition Services Department office is closed in July. While we will be checking emails periodically, responsive time may be delayed . If you need immediate assistance or make changes to your order between July 1-July 31,  please contact On-Call Meal Solutions directly.**


We hope your child/children enjoy their meals and you will enjoy the convenience and value of the nutritious and delicious meals delivered to you at no cost! Thank you for participating in this unique program for summer meals! 



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Nutrition Services Meal Plan


In these unprecedented times, Stow Munroe Falls City School District is committed to your student’s educational AND nutritional needs. Whether your student is attending school on the hybrid model 2 days a week (Maroon Plan) or is learning remotely (Gold Plan), we have developed a plan to make sure your student(s) have access to nutritious meals. After all, a hungry student cannot learn.


Based on new federal guidelines and grants we are able to offer FREE MEALS to ALL STUDENTS for the entire 2020-2021 school year!!


Students on the Maroon Plan and attending school 2 days a week will receive up to 3 days of meals for home. Students on the Gold Plan and are fully learning at home will receive up to 5 days of meals. Breakfast and lunch are available. Please follow the following directions in order to receive meals while not at school.


Meal Order Process:

 Order meals for either your Maroon or Gold Plan student(s) by clicking the form below

 Click on either the Maroon Plan or Gold Plan Order Form (depending on which plan your student(s) is on.) Fill out the order form for student(s). If you have more than one student, you will need to fill out the form for each of your students.

 Order forms MUST be submitted by Friday 4:00 PM weekly.

 Pick up meals on Wednesdays between 11:00 AM-1:00 PM at Stow-Munroe Falls High School - Commons doors

These meals are FREE to our SMF families for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year!


If you have any questions, please contact Allison Daugherty at 330-689-5226 or email


CLICK HERE to order meals for GOLD PLAN students!

CLICK HERE to order meals for MAROON PLAN students!





Our goal is to provide every student with healthy food options every day, giving them the nutrition and energy to succeed in the classroom.

Every lunch includes student's choice of one entree, two sides and a milk.


Stow-Munroe Falls City School District has implemented QuikApps for our families! QuikApps is an easy, online application for free and reduced meal status. Say goodbye to keeping track of paper applications, and get immediate verification and status determination upon submission. Visit our portal to create your account and get started! (Link on the left.)


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