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Kimpton Daily Announcements -- Week of October 27, 2014

Attention students: If your language arts teacher notified you that you made the Kimpton Spelling Bee, don't forget to come to the library for our first meeting today in AIE. That's in 5 minutes!

Any students interested in applying to attend the Explore STEM National Youth Leadership Forum this summer should see Mr. Miller or Mr. Ternent to apply.

Parents -PTSA Fundraiser Pick-Up is tomorrow, Tuesday, October 28th from 2:30 – 7:00pm in the Kimpton Auditorium. Any orders not picked up during this time will be sent home the next day with your child. Larger orders will remain in the office for 3 days for pick-up during school hours. Any remaining orders after 3 days will be donated. If you have any questions feel free to call Kim Kekel @ (330) 780-6485(330) 780-6485(330) 780-6485.

Parents - Missy McClain from Akron Children’s Hospital wil be talking with our students on Thursday, October 30th during the school day. She will address Social Media and Bullying. We are asking parents to attend a Parent Meeting on Wednesday, October 29th at 6:30 in the Kimpton Auditorium.

Kimpton Middle School Halloween Costume Guidelines - Friday, October 24, 2014

The main focus at school every day is learning! Any costume that is intended to disrupt class or will not allow a student to participate in EVERY class will not be allowed.

Students will NOT be allowed to attend class with any of the following:

* Costumes that cover the head and/or hide the student's identity.
* Costumes that involve weapons.
* Costumes that reveal the student's undergarments or do not sufficiently cover the student's body.
* Revealing dress, short shorts or skirts, exposed torsos or chests. Any costume that is provocative or incendiary in nature is not allowed.
* Costumes that include any type of blood or gore.
* Any costume that will disrupt the routine of the day or class, including PE, will not be allowed.

The final decision on all costumes will be made by the administration. Any student who is in violation of the above guidelines will be required to change into clothing brought to school by a parent.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: A student wants to wear only a "sleeveless undershirt".
A: Not allowed because students are not permitted to wear only an undershirt on a regular school day. The School Dress Code is in effect every school day.

Q: A student wants to wear a costume that will require the student to stand all day.
A: Not allowed because the student cannot participate in all classroom activities, similar to other days.

Q: A student wants to color their hair orange and black.
A: Allowed, but hair coloring/make up are not allowed at school – this should ALL be done at home.

Q: A student wants to bring a plastic sword/gun as part of their costume.
A: Not allowed. According to district weapons policy look-alike weapons are never allowed.

Q: A student wants to wear a costume that includes a mask.
A: Not permitted – or at least the mask is not permitted. Costumes that cover the head and/or hide the student's identity are not permitted.

Teachers will be instructed to confiscate any Halloween supplies that enter Kimpton Middle School such as: face paint, hair spray etc… - please use those products at home before you come to school.


In preparation for the 2014-2015 school year a letter will be sent in early August providing you information about our Jump Start, which is set for Thursday, August 14th. This is a great opportunity for students to get their schedule, pay their school fees, get their Ohio Achievement Assessment results, get their school picture taken, and walk the school to help the students get acclomated to the school and their schedule.

Also, please remember, ALL grade 7 students must provide documentation that they have received their TDAP shot.

2014-2015 General Supply List

TDAP Information


2014-2015 Summer Newsletter

BYOT - Bring Your Own Technology to Kimpton

In our continuous efforts to engage your child in their learning, Kimpton Middle School is allowing students to bring personal technology devices (i.e. cell phones, iPads, Nooks, Kindles, Laptops, Netbooks, etc.) to school to be used for educational purposes.

We piloted the BYOT program during the spring of 2012 and found, even with a few bumps, it was very successful. Beginning the first day of school, your child will be permitted to use personal technology devices (i.e. cell phones, iPads, Nook, Kindles, etc.) in classrooms for educational purposes only. Your child is permitted to use their device under the direct supervision of their teacher(s).

On the first day of school, the students will be introduced to the BYOT program and we will answer all their questions. Please see the two attachments the students will be given - 1) My letter to Kimpton Families describing BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology), and 2) Question & Answer document

Kimpton BYOT Q & A

Kimpton BYOT Family Letter


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