First Grade Aimsweb Toolkit

 CAP Work Plan

CAP Members: Leslie Detweiler, Jennifer Dudley, Jeanine Muller

(all members are first grade teachers at Highland Elementary School)

Date: October 4, 2011

Curricular/Instructional Focus of CAP: Language Arts-remediation and practice of AIMSweb sub-skill tests (Letter Naming Fluency , Letter Sound Fluency, Phonemic Segmentation Fluency, Nonsense Word Fluency)

Intended Learning:

What do we expect to learn or be able to do as a result of this work?

We hope to produce several activities that will be organized into an “AIMSweb Toolkit.” This toolkit will be designed to help students improve in the areas of Letter Naming Fluency, Letter Sound Fluency, Phonemic Segmentation Fluency, Nonsense Word Fluency. The activities could be used in whole group or small group lessons, as well as one-on-one with parent volunteers or educational assistants. We also plan to put several of the activities on our homepage or the district webpage so that parents will be able to download the documents and complete the activities with their children at home. (The tool kit will be especially geared toward helping students in kindergarten and first grade, as they are the ones that are tested in these particular areas.)

Who will benefit from this work?

The early elementary students that use these activities will benefit the most from these activities. We also foresee early elementary teachers will benefit from this toolkit because they will be able to easily pull activities to use in whole group or small group instruction. Also, early elementary teachers will be able to pull activities to use with educational assistants and parent volunteers for one-on-one remedial instruction. Parents who download these activities online and practice them at home will benefit as well as their children.

Why is this of interest of the CAP members?

The three of us are first grade teachers that have students that struggle in these areas.

We feel this toolkit will help us as we help support our students. We are also really excited to be able to share this resource with other early elementary educators within our district as well as parents.

Resources Needed:

*one 3-ring binder per elementary school

*plastic page protectors

*copy paper


The Work:

Steps/Processes Timeline Responsibilities

1. Identify the specific activities by 1st week of Dec all members

that will be included in the toolkit

2. Type up the instructions by 1st week of March all members

for each of the activities

3. Print the activities by 1st week of March all members

4. Assemble the binders by 1st week of March all members

5. Upload the activities to the web by CAP Presentation Apr 3 all members

Product Focus

How does the CAP expect to share its work and with whom?

*We plan on sharing our work with our first grade colleagues at a future grade level language arts meeting.

*We plan to meet with Erin Kileen to explain what we have created and give her a copy. We hope she would be willing to share our toolkit with the kindergarten and second grade teachers in our district.

*We will share the activities that are online with parents during parent-teacher conferences on an as needed basis.

*Potentially these activities could be shared with parents during a reading night, as well.

Documenting Progress/Reflective Journal

How will the CAP keep a record of progress and how will the CAP reflect on the work?

We will keep a log of our progress. We will also log our reflections on a regular basis. All three of us teach first grade at Highland Elementary and we have scheduled grade level meetings every other week from 8:15-8:45 am. We will touch base with each other at least once per month regarding our progress on this CAP.

CAP Consultant(s)

Erin Kileen- We look forward to meeting with Erin Kileen regarding our CAP. Once our CAP is finished we plan to give her one of the toolkits we produce so that she can share it with the early elementary teachers in our district. We will also show her the links on our district website so that she can show others how to reproduce and utilize the toolkit.

Randi Lippert- We will need Randi’s help to upload our activities and make our toolkit accessible on our district website. We look forward to meeting with her in late March with all of our finished documents in hand.

  Letter Naming Practice using Upper and Lower Case Flash Cards and Activity

Letter Naming Practice Using Practice Sheet Directions and Activity

Letter Sound Fluency Lower Case Flash Card Directions and Activity

Nonesense Word Flash Card Directions and Activity

Nonsense Word Practice Sheet Directions and Activity

Phonemic Segmentation Sporty Sounds Directions and Actvity

Letter Sound Practice Using Practice Sheet Directions and Activity