Sgt. Krise's certif of apprec

U.S. Soldier Surprises Highland Second Graders with Heartwarming Letter and Certificate of Appreciation


STOW, OHIO—March 14, 2012—When Highland second graders in Mrs. Anna Zampelli’s class reached out to Sgt. David Krise, who is stationed in Afghanistan, the students didn’t expect they would receive a response or a certificate of appreciation from the U.S. soldier.

“I was in tears when I received the letter from Sgt. Krise. It was beautiful – he had shared the letters from the students with his fellow soldiers,” said Zampelli. “The students know they made him very happy and that they did something special for him.”

A parent in Zampelli’s class approached her last year and asked if the class could write letters to Sgt. Krise during the Christmas holiday. The writing soon began, and the students shared heartfelt holiday wishes and sincere questions about the life of the soldier. In response, Sgt. Krise wrote a letter to the students and shared what the country looks like, his troop’s job building schools and houses, transportation methods as well as the role the soldiers play in their deployment by protecting the United States and the people of Afghanistan. He also described safety measures the soldiers must take and a birds-eye view of a day in the life of their deployment.

“Thank you so much for the letters and support,” reads an excerpt from Sgt. Krise’s letter. “It means so much to all of us to read the simple but powerful words from children. It really puts what we do into perspective and gives us much pride. The support from people like you is the engine behind the success of the military and our great nation.”

Highland Elementary School also received a certificate of appreciation for the invaluable contributions and support shown by Zampelli’s second-grade class which enabled the soldiers of the 290th Engineer Detachment to perform their missions in a superb manner. A copy of the framed certificate can be viewed in Zampelli’s classroom.

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