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This section is designed as a resource for commonly asked questions. If you have a question regarding Stow-Munroe Falls City School District, simply click the ask the superintendent link. In addition to receiving a personal response, your question may also be included here to help others who may find the information valuable. 


Q: Is student enrollment declining?

A: Yes - enrollment is gradually declining. We monitor enrollment on a daily basis and make recommendations to the Board of Education for appropriate staff levels based on enrollment figures.


Q:  I have three kids who attend the high school and Kimpton and are active in sports and band. Is there a cap to my pay-to-participate fee?

A:  The family cap regardless of how many students are involved with extra-curricular activities is $450.


Q:  Why aren't children learning basic math facts anymore?

A:  Our teachers do expect our students to memorize basic math facts. This remains a requirement for all mathematics classes.


Q:  What is all of the dirt piled up at the high school?

A:  The dirt is from the turf project and will level the low lying area of the parking lot. It will then be graded and seeded and provide additional overflow parking spaces in the future.


Q:  How are our students doing academically?

A:  The District has been rated Excellent (or higher) by the state of Ohio since 2006; the 2011 SMFHS graduating class achieved the highest ACT scores of all time; SMFHS was named as an Advanced Placement Honor Roll School by the College Board; four SMFHS students were National Merit Scholarship semi-finalists; and U.S. News & World Report ranked SMFHS in the top 6% of all high scools in the nation - and 13% in the state of Ohio.


Q: How can we afford a new electric sign at the high school?

A: All money for the new sign was raised by students. This is an effort led by Student Council.


Q: Why are you cutting AP courses?

A:  We are not cutting AP classes; we have actually added AP courses at the high school.


Q: I have heard that enrollment is down. If enrollment is down enough to close an elementary school why has this not been done?

A: The enrollment figures have dropped but not significantly. At this time, the decrease in enrollment is not enough to close an elementary school.