Pay To Participate Info

 Pay to participate is a fee for students who choose to participate in extra-curricular activities (sports and clubs) that are supervised/coached by an individual employed by the district.

The fee is $100 per activity/club; $150 per sport with a maximum "cap" per family of $450 for the school year.

Fees are reduced for those who are eligible and qualify for free/reduced lunch. If you qualify for the reduced lunch program your feel will be reduced by 25% and by 50% if you qualify for the free lunch program.

Reduced:  Activity - $75.00     Sport - $112.50

Free:  Activity - $50.00     Sport - $75.00

Eligibility for the free and reduced lunch program also reduces the family cap from $450 to $337.50 for families qualifying for the reduced lunch program and to $225 for those families qualifying for the free lunch program.

For more information contact:

Kimpton Middle School - 330-689-5288

Stow-Munroe Falls High School - 330-689-5300

Athletic Office - 330-689-5204

Board of Education - Treasurer's Office - 330-689-5445


Page revised 1/14/2014