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Athletics Hall of Fame

The Stow-Munroe Falls Booster Club inducted its first class of athletes into the Athletic Hall of Fame in 2003.

Back in 1976, the Booster Club complied a list of records and participation for Stow sports teams back to 1936 and included in this list was a “Hall of Fame.” A team could be included in this “Hall” if they won a league title, and an individual could be included if he or she were selected All-District or higher in their sport.

In 2001, the Booster Club was approached by athletic director Jay Tyree for a new endeavor - to begin a Hall of Fame where the inductees could be honored and remembered for their past accomplishments.

A nominating committee was formed with Booster Club members and past and current coaches, teachers and staff. Nominations were solicited from past coaches, athletes and athletic directors. The criteria for nomination was pretty simple; the nominee’s graduating class had to be at least five years old or a coach had to be retired from coaching. Other than that, the nominee had to have shown exceptional skills and accomplishment in their sport or sports.

Two-hundred twenty-five nominations were received in 2003. A selection committee of 16 men and women from graduating classes in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s was appointed. The selection committee chooses the inductees.

The Stow-Munroe Falls Booster Club supports the student-athletes of Stow-Munroe Falls High School by attending their events, providing facilities and equipment for their use, providing financial support, such as camp fees, extra-curricular needs, awards and scholarships.

For more information about the Athletic Hall of Fame, contact the Stow-Munroe Falls High School athletic department at 330-689-5204.


2014 Inductees

Galvin DePompei, Honorary (deceased)
Marc Arnold '59, Track
Scott Carnes '72, Baseball
Jeff Grater '07, Soccer
Liana Jennings '07, Basketball
Tim McMahon '75, Football
Nate Meers '96, Basketball
Bill Wiggins '72, Football/Basketball/Baseball
Lee Wilson '89, Wrestling

2012 Inductees

Geoff Byrne '94, Basketball
Caitlin Drozin '06, Swimming
Don Greenleaf '71, Football/Wrestling/Track
Tom Hamilton '81, Football
Coach Gare Mattes,  Football
Bill Morris '84, Baseball
Stephanie Murphy '98, Field Hockey/Basketball/Softball
Jake Steuer '01, Basketball

2010 Inductees

Candace Artz (Bloedorn) '98, Golf
Sarah Bishop (Jay) '86, Basketball/Softball
Joe Darago '91, Track/Cross Country
Chet Feldman '93, Basketball/Football/Baseball
Doug Greenleaf '75, Wrestling/Track/Football
Ken Shallahamer '59, Baseball/Basketball
Jay Tyree '75, Wrestling/Track/Football/Administration
Chris Young '99, Baseball/Basketball


2008 Inductees

Brent Ardo ’01, Wrestling
Lisa Bettio ’82, Volleyball
Tom Bose ’82, Football
Jackie Campbell ’98, Basketball
Tim Conley ’74, Golf
Mark Merino ’84, Track
Bryan Richetto ’87, Basketball
Fred Smith ’72, Football
Bill VonGunten ’59, Football/Basketball/Baseball
Willis Walker, Coach/Athletic Director (deceased)


2006 Inductees

Coach Harold Sloop, (deceased, retired 1969)
Coach William Barr, (deceased, retired 1969)
Jim Graner '38, sportscaster, formerly for the Browns (deceased)
Tom Swing '81, Football (deceased)
Ed Donatell '75, Football/Basketball
Rick White '70, Football/Basketball
Tim Griffith '78, Track/Field
Treniere Clement '00, Track/Field
Leissa Sabatini Cline '89, Softball


2004 Inductees

Ernie Blazeff ’80, Wrestling
Carey Cavanaugh ’98, Volleyball
Russ Crawford ’76, Baseball
Ted Gregory ’89, Wrestling
Tim Harvey ’82, Track and Field
Tony Leonino ’79, Wrestling
Dawn McDougal Takamiya ’88, Volleyball
Bob MacFarland “Dean of Volleyball” coaching
Debbie Osman Diroll ’76, Volleyball
Jim Tyree ’42, “Dean of Wrestling” coaching (deceased)
Rick Wilson ’80, Wrestling
Mary Louise Zurbach Ruehr ’86, Track and Field


2003 Inductees

Gary Baumgardner ’65, Wrestling
Eli Blazeff ’79, Wrestling
Dale Brumit ’66, Wrestling
Don Close ’70, Basketball
Larry Csonka ’64, Football
Cyle Feldman ’85, Football
Lee Gissendaner ’90, Football
Dave Jamerson ’85, Basketball
Kip Koski ’63, Football
Kevin Kovach ’93, Basketball
Harley Lappin ’74, Wrestling
Jeff Moore ’77, Track
Mike Morrow ’71, Golf
Dave Reinhart, Track/Cross Country Coach
Jenny Smith ’89, Soccer